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Hi There!  

I am Serina, a woman of God on a steady course of defining womanhood day by day.  Now, is there really a definition that encompasses womanhood for us all? Womanhood is broad and often complex. Each woman has a different set of encounters  that create a unique wisdom we can all benefit from.  Not every definition of  womanhood will be quite the same.  With that understanding, I offer you womanhood through my lenses.

With Serina's Lenses, I hope to highlight the commonality women share that extends beyond race, culture,and social status. We are all beautiful and valuable contributors to the world around us.

I started Serina's Lenses in 2013 and I am so excited for what's to come. I use this site as a positive outlet to show the projects I am involved with and to speak about things I am passionate about. Other times I'm just rambling about whatever is interesting at the moment. LOL! 


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