• Serina

Lemons to the rescue

Now, anyone that knows me knows I love lemons. As you can tell in my previous lime post, the citric indulgence happens quite often. Lemons are the main reason I can chug nearly a gallon of water most days...ahem ahem...most I tell ya...most.

Well, I bought too many at one time and some of them began to dry out. Instead of tossing them in the trash dice them into small chunks and toss them in your garbage disposal as a sanitizing method. Not only will it sanitize your drain it will also emit a wonderful lemon zesty scent! Oh and notice that I just "happened" to have a lemon candle burning as well. Teehee! Clearly I've got the lemon theme on 10 here!!! Don't you just love exaggeration.

Overall, this may be old news for some, I just thought I'd share for those who didn't know what an awesome #hack this is! Let me know what other awesome #hacks you have for the home!

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