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Cucumber Eye patches!

Listen! These gel patches are LIFE!!!

About 6 months ago a bag appeared under my left eye out of NO WHERE! I was in panic mode. Yet another greeting from the "Here's to being 40" welcoming committee! Oh, we have to talk about that whole experience soon in another blog post. I talked to my bestie about it and she suggested trying real cucumbers before spending the money on these patches. I thought that was so wise of her and I hesitated. Well we never got around to using the cucumber so, in my haste, I ordered the patches and I'm so glad I did.

I opened the package (guess I should have another pic...well I may show you in a video) and it had a fancy divider with a little spoon that you can lift and separate the eye gels. The directions suggest leaving them on for 15 min.

Here, as you can see, I applied them and let them sit for about 10 min before applying my makeup. To be honest I only noticed a small difference the first day. It wasn't significant enough to run tell anyone about. HOWEVER, the next morning I took notice and the bag was almost non existent!

I tried couldn't really believe it so I tried it again and left it on 15 or more min and I must say this is such an awesome find. The reduction in puffiness is amazing. I will work on a before and after a little later. I don't know if I want y'al seeing my favorite, most prominent facial feature jacked up!

Now I wonder if those sliced cucumbers will do just as well? I think It's worth the comparison. Until then, these are a mainstay for me. Have you ever heard of these eye gels? If so let me know what you think or leave a comment if you have any other tips and tricks for reducing bags and puffiness around the eye.

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